As owners and leaders, getting the right people on your team is perhaps the most significant success factor, and one of the most difficult.

Getting it wrong costs money, time, distraction, stress, and at times legal liability.

And unfortunately, even the most experienced and conscientious among us have gotten it wrong and lived that pain.

If you are interested in being more accurate and confident in your hiring decisions, we have a set of tools that may be able to help.


We can help you create a Success Model based upon the NSight factor framework that you can then use for screening and selecting candidates.

Success Models can be built by benchmarking high performers, by cloning individual performers, or even from scratch using our NSight Talent Selector tool.

The Talent Selector tool allows a hiring manager or HR partner to choose between a short list of behaviors to either adjust a benchmark or cloned model, or to develop a model from scratch based on the style and preferences of the manager or the need to broaden or deepen the talent of the team.

Job candidates are then assessed using the NSight Success and compared to the model, resulting in a detailed report including percentage of match and suggested interview questions for follow up.

No matter how experienced you are in interviewing and selection, the simple, evidence-based reporting in the NSight Talent Match process will raise both your confidence and accuracy exponentially.


Let's talk about your talent challenges and if the NSight Success assessment and the Talent Match process may be able to help.

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