See our directory of NSight Success Assessment Certified Coaches below if you are interested in taking the assessment or finding a coach to assist you or your organization with growth and higher performance.



Jeannie Smith

Agent of Remarkable Change

San Diego, CA

Jeannie Smith is President of HR-Rx, Inc., a coaching and consulting firm, where she has a proven track record of helping individuals and teams be their best and live remarkable lives. Jeannie partners with leaders at all levels to understand what is keeping them from achieving their goals and to increase their value by energetically building a new strategic perspective and approach to making deliberate remarkable choices. She helps individuals and organizations to be more efficient and maintain a strong competitive advantage. She has over 25-years of combined experience in positions as human resources leader, inspirational speaker, coach, and consultant.



Susan Baroncini-Moe

CEO & Executive Coach, Baroncini-Moe Executive Coaching

Indianapolis, IN

I work with top level executives, typically VP and above (though in larger organizations, I work with Director and above) and business owners. I focus my coaching work in three key areas:

• Leadership, Executive Presence, and Soft Skills (effectively managing your team, making yourself known, and other “how tos” of business)

• Self-Mastery and Self-Actualization (including living in balance)

• Transition (including selling a family business, onboarding to new positions and roles, as well as retirement transition)



Jennifer Fegter, PHR, SHRM-CP

Principal Coach & Consultant, Assiduous Coaching & Consulting LLC

Des Moines, IA

Jennifer has more than 15 years of experience in coaching and has previously overseen talent management for a commercial real estate company. Her passion is providing HR Solutions through assessment, coaching, and individualized service. Jennifer is dedicated to maximizing business efficiency and bottom-line profit with forward-thinking approaches and a clear focus on people placement and leadership development. She is fluent in HR administration, leadership development, the full employee life cycle, and has authored organizational onboarding programs and development tools. 



Nanette Polito

Success Coach, Nanette Polito Coaching

Hebron, KY

Entrepreneurs and commissioned business people have the ideas and the fire, and know what they want to do. Getting to the goal, however, is the hard part. The day-to-day kicks in, sight is lost, and the fire is smoldering. This is where Nanette Polito comes in. She helps them understand why they are doing what they are doing, how to identify their ideal clients, and how to draw them in, setting up a 3-to-5-year Vision Plan of where they want their business and life to be. Together they create and work the plan to get them there.



Cathy Iocona, MBA, CPC

President, Living Leadership Values Coaching and Consulting

Henderson, NV

As the founder of LLV Coaching and Consulting, Cathy is living her vision of supporting leaders and high potentials in their desire to achieve performance excellence and career satisfaction. Cathy enjoyed a 38-year career as a healthcare executive and she personally experienced the daily challenges leaders face in the ever-changing, demanding corporate world. As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Cathy has the background and skills to help you excel in and enjoy your career. Cathy’s program will challenge you to understand your unique talents and opportunities and to map out and execute your success strategy.



Vic Clesceri

President, The Management Sherpa™

Cincinnati, OH

• “We help people, organizations and communities reach summits.”

• People Capability, Organizational Capability, Execution Capability.

• Assessment and competency strategy and analysis for job profiles, success maps, recruiting, talent development and succession planning.



Joe Faessler

President, Interpersonal Communication Associates, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH

Ideal clients include family-owned and closely-held companies seeking to work more cooperatively and successfully as a team. Improving communication between key company leaders and resolving conflict among those leaders is a key focus, as is ongoing team development. My primary coaching emphasis is leadership development. I am the author of Family Ties—Resolving Conflict On ANY Team Without War, Pain, or Loss.



Dave Flynn

Owner, DFLYConsulting

Cincinnati, OH

DFLYConsulting assists small to medium sized manufacturing companies in maximizing human and equipment capital to increase revenue and improve profitability.



Heinrich Stander

Career Excellence Coach, Rocket Fuel for Careers

Cincinnati, OH

We coach and guide individuals who desire to make difficult career transitions, like changing career direction, changing roles, or finding their ideal career. We help them excel in their chosen field by sharpening their interpersonal and soft skills. We help organizations screen and train for emotional intelligence and leadership skills.



Yvonne Rosney

CEO & Founder, YMR Coaching & Development

Manchester, UK / Ireland / Australia / New Zealand

Works in the area of positive emotional and mental wellbeing within a solutions-focused based coaching methodology.

• Helps to minimise anxiety and uncertainty and maximise control and optimism.

• Helps those who are considering, are in the process of, or have recently relocated with the emotional aspects and consequences around such a move, whether by choice or enforced. 

• Helps companies who wish to prioritise the emotional and mental welfare and care of their employees for the purposes of seeing the value a happy and strong workforce can bring to the growth of the company.


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