The NSight Success assessment measures work-related and interpersonal characteristics, and is ideally suited to sophisticated personal and professional development needs:

     • Executive Coaching

     • Life Coaching

     • Talent Selection

     • Organizational Development

     • Team Building

     • Conflict Resolution

     • Succession Planning

The NSight Success is an evidence-based, fully-validated instrument that offers a holistic and well-rounded picture of a client's skills and temperament, illuminating both aptitude and personality success factors:


Our style of reasoning, our verbal and numerical tools, and ability to recognize patterns and pay attention to detail.


How we use emotion, intuition, logic, practicality, imagination, and empathy to solve problems.


Our security, recognition, cooperation, competition, safety, and risk-taking needs that motivate us toward shared goals.


How we interpret and perform in response to inevitable challenge, frustration, and ambiguity.


How we prefer to interact with others and with organizations, and how others perceive us.


How we prefer to lead and to be led, which includes how we orient ourselves to conflict, power, and trust.


Our loyalty and persistence with organizations, teams, and our own goals and projects.

The NSight Success was developed over 30 years ago collaboratively by Executive Coach Penny Reynolds and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Stephen Overcash. Meridiem purchased the NSight from Ms. Reynolds as a first tool in an ecosystem of online resources for supporting coaches, consultants, and organizations in talent management, professional development, and personal growth.

The NSight Success may very well be the best kept secret in the world of assessments.

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