The Meridiem Story

Meridiem provides assessments, services, and online tools for coaches, consultants, and HR professionals who support their clients in achieving professional success, organizational wellness, and personal fulfillment.

As part of its start-up strategy, Meridiem acquired the NSight from Penny Reynolds, updated the assessment's infrastructure and user platform, built out expanded reporting, and created a certification model for wider licensing and distribution.

Meridiem's NSight Success Assessment is the result. In the hands of a certified interpreter or consultant, the NSight Success points out which of our preferences and characteristics are contributing to success, and which are inhibiting success.

Meridiem is in the process of acquiring and developing a library of evidence-based tools that help coaches and consultants do their good work in the world while creating a sustainable, prosperous, and fulfilling business.

Mike Sheehan, Founder & CEO

Mike is a business development consultant who worked his way up from an entry-level position in a regional business to become President and co-owner of the company, scaling and selling it to a multi-national corporation while maintaining the culture that created its success.

Dave Flynn, President

Dave is a seasoned organizational leader and independent consultant. As the founder and CEO of DFLY Consulting he has worked with small to medium-sized manufacturing companies to maximize their use of human and equipment capital.

Delmar Davis, Founder & Chief Content Officer

Delmar brings years of experience in operational leadership and talent management for major divisions of two Fortune 500 companies. He subsequently left to establish a private practice as a wellness consultant and digital publisher.

Dr. Mark S. Nagy, Chief Research Officer

Mark is the director of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology master’s program at Xavier University. His areas of expertise include assessment development and validation, job satisfaction measurement, workplace civility, and performance appraisal and evaluation.

Susan Baroncini-Moe, Chief Learning Officer

Susan has been coaching business owners, high-level performers, executives, and leaders in non-profit organizations, higher education, and corporations for the last 18 years. Susan has authored two books and has a background in social psychology and instructional design.

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